Monday, April 7, 2014

Salatin mount (Salatyn) again

Last Saturday we were continuing to explore the Salatin Valley (Dolina Salatynska). 
This time we changed the most popular direction and instead of ascent via Central Culuoir of Salatin Mount we turned left to the small mountain pass. After a short rest we started climbing in a deep snow to the top of the short culuoir (see below on the pic). Because the weather was deteriorating hour by hour we decided not to climb higher towards the top of Small Salatin Mount (Mały Salatyn) but descend from the top of short culuoir (pic.)
The snow conditions were perfect, culuoir inclination - about 35 degree. It was short, but amazing descent. 
The possibility of skiing to the car park in Zverovka Ski Centre made us even more happier. 

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