Saturday, November 9, 2013


Snowkiting - my new fixation

Today I posted on my new facebook funpage ("Sports you surely don't know") :
about another winter, awsome discipline - snowkating called sometimes kite boarding.

Snowkiting = snow + kite + snowboard or skis + wind = 2 x P (power and pleasure).
You even don't need the mountains; space, snow and wind are enough to practice.

I found really nice edit I've to share with you: 

To encourage you to try new possibilities on snow, some pics below: 

And what do you think about?

Thursday, November 7, 2013

the new page on Facebook about unknown sports

My new facebook funpage. Like it!

3 days ago I started with my new funpage on Facebook named  "Dyscypliny sportowe, o których nie miałeś pojęcia" ("Sports you surely don't know").
Unfortunately for most of you the name of page is in Polish but a lot of information, explanations and all edits are in English. 
As yet I described 3 disciplines (one per day): skwalling, skijoring and noboarding. You can add your own idea or sport unknown, amazing, different from those, we know. 
Below the link to this page:
Join it and have a fun with discovering strange sports from all over the world.
I'm looking forward to your proposals :)

One edit is really special - my favourite so far. Let's see because it's worth it.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Gluten and lactose free diet - my new discovery how to feel better, happier and younger

It's been quite a long time since my last post.

I made some experiments with my diet and now, after over 3 months, I'd like to share a result of my experience with you. I'm sure most of you are active and don't have any problems with your weight. I don't have too. But some symptoms such as stomachache, weakness, sleepiness, sinus disorder made me to search for a reason. 
I had medical checks: blood tests, gastroscopy. They were ok. I took a lot of medicines but the problem constantly returned. But for all this time I was sure my diet was proper and healthy and had no influence for my state of being. Despite of this fact, after reading some articles online I decided to introduce some changes and restrictions to my nutritional habits.
I reduced food containing gluten, dairy products and sweet.
I tried to avoid: bread and pasta made of wheat, pizza, cakes, barley, cold meats with gluten, beer, cow milk, white and yellow cheese and sugar.
It sounds terrific but I have a lot of other posibillities to prepare my meals.
A cow dairy I replaced with goat and sheep milk and chees no containing lactose and soya, almond drink. 
I ate bread mede of corn, amaranth, groats, millet flour (without gluten) or a rye bread without wheat flour and yeast. 
Rye contains gluten but is much more healthier than wheat. 
Typical pasta made of durum wheat, which I adored and used to eat even 3-4 times a week, I replaced with corn pasta which tastes absolutely great, similar to a wheat pasta, but doesn't contain gluten.
But eating a corn pasta or bread you need to know that they contain even more carbohydrates than wheat. 
Because of summertime I ate a lot fresh vegetables. 
My main meals consist of fish, turkey, duck or rabbit meat and beef sometimes. I avoided pork and chicken. 
Most of you ask why I eliminated chicken meat? I know it's is low fat meat, reach in proteins but 
chickens raised for meat called broilers are fed drugs, growth hormones, antibiotics and even arsenic to bring on them (see link to the article in polish or in english:,1033821,title,Tym-karmione-sa-kurczaki-A-potem-my-to-jemy,wid,14393818,wiadomosc.html

I ate 4 - 5 meals a day: first and second breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee with a snack and dinner.

After 3 months of regular and healthy eating I lost 5 kilos, my stomach and other body symptoms vanished, I have more power, I improved my sport endurance, I'm happier and more optimistic.I even didn't imagine how change of a diet can improve my life.

During my experiment with a diet I stumbled on a book "Serve to win" by Novak Djokovic which help me understand the mechanism of action of gluten and lactose free diet. But more about this next time...

Slimmer and happier me