Saturday, November 9, 2013


Snowkiting - my new fixation

Today I posted on my new facebook funpage ("Sports you surely don't know") :
about another winter, awsome discipline - snowkating called sometimes kite boarding.

Snowkiting = snow + kite + snowboard or skis + wind = 2 x P (power and pleasure).
You even don't need the mountains; space, snow and wind are enough to practice.

I found really nice edit I've to share with you: 

To encourage you to try new possibilities on snow, some pics below: 

And what do you think about?

Thursday, November 7, 2013

the new page on Facebook about unknown sports

My new facebook funpage. Like it!

3 days ago I started with my new funpage on Facebook named  "Dyscypliny sportowe, o których nie miałeś pojęcia" ("Sports you surely don't know").
Unfortunately for most of you the name of page is in Polish but a lot of information, explanations and all edits are in English. 
As yet I described 3 disciplines (one per day): skwalling, skijoring and noboarding. You can add your own idea or sport unknown, amazing, different from those, we know. 
Below the link to this page:
Join it and have a fun with discovering strange sports from all over the world.
I'm looking forward to your proposals :)

One edit is really special - my favourite so far. Let's see because it's worth it.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Gluten and lactose free diet - my new discovery how to feel better, happier and younger

It's been quite a long time since my last post.

I made some experiments with my diet and now, after over 3 months, I'd like to share a result of my experience with you. I'm sure most of you are active and don't have any problems with your weight. I don't have too. But some symptoms such as stomachache, weakness, sleepiness, sinus disorder made me to search for a reason. 
I had medical checks: blood tests, gastroscopy. They were ok. I took a lot of medicines but the problem constantly returned. But for all this time I was sure my diet was proper and healthy and had no influence for my state of being. Despite of this fact, after reading some articles online I decided to introduce some changes and restrictions to my nutritional habits.
I reduced food containing gluten, dairy products and sweet.
I tried to avoid: bread and pasta made of wheat, pizza, cakes, barley, cold meats with gluten, beer, cow milk, white and yellow cheese and sugar.
It sounds terrific but I have a lot of other posibillities to prepare my meals.
A cow dairy I replaced with goat and sheep milk and chees no containing lactose and soya, almond drink. 
I ate bread mede of corn, amaranth, groats, millet flour (without gluten) or a rye bread without wheat flour and yeast. 
Rye contains gluten but is much more healthier than wheat. 
Typical pasta made of durum wheat, which I adored and used to eat even 3-4 times a week, I replaced with corn pasta which tastes absolutely great, similar to a wheat pasta, but doesn't contain gluten.
But eating a corn pasta or bread you need to know that they contain even more carbohydrates than wheat. 
Because of summertime I ate a lot fresh vegetables. 
My main meals consist of fish, turkey, duck or rabbit meat and beef sometimes. I avoided pork and chicken. 
Most of you ask why I eliminated chicken meat? I know it's is low fat meat, reach in proteins but 
chickens raised for meat called broilers are fed drugs, growth hormones, antibiotics and even arsenic to bring on them (see link to the article in polish or in english:,1033821,title,Tym-karmione-sa-kurczaki-A-potem-my-to-jemy,wid,14393818,wiadomosc.html

I ate 4 - 5 meals a day: first and second breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee with a snack and dinner.

After 3 months of regular and healthy eating I lost 5 kilos, my stomach and other body symptoms vanished, I have more power, I improved my sport endurance, I'm happier and more optimistic.I even didn't imagine how change of a diet can improve my life.

During my experiment with a diet I stumbled on a book "Serve to win" by Novak Djokovic which help me understand the mechanism of action of gluten and lactose free diet. But more about this next time...

Slimmer and happier me

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Deep Polish pow & Freeride Easter

Below the links to my friends' freeride contest edits:

Głęboki polski puch | - Freeride, Skitury, Speedriding - Narty i Snowboard poza trasą

Riders: Wojtek Kubiela, Maciej Sulima
Contest: "the best freeride edit"

You can vote on them after registering on at:

Monday, July 29, 2013

Denis Urubko Anniversary

Denis Urubko -the most famous Kazakh climber was born in Russia 40 years ago on July 29th 1973 . 

I had opportunity to meet him several times during his interesting lectures. He was a guest at the 9th Krakow Mountain Festival in Poland.
The book "Skazany na góry" (Polish title) really impressed me by awsome and interesting life of Kazakh climber. In his biography he wrote about the begginings of his mountain adventure. Many people have not even heard of his history as an theatre actor, camerman and a soldier of Kazakhstan army. 
Several times he won leader titles in the mountain trails: 
- 1997 - 1999 Champion of Kazakhstan in speed ascent to the Amangeldy peak (3999)
- 1999 -  in 42 days have climbed all 5 “seventhousand” peaks of CIS(USSR) known as “Snow Leopard”
- in 2000 on Chan Tengri in 12 h 21min,
- in 2006 - broke a route record in International Elbrus Race  - 3 h 55 min 38 sec. (beated by the Polish ski mountaineer Andrzej Bargiel in 2010)

Denis reached the fourteen 8000er Main-Peaks without oxygen as a 15th man in the world. He is an author of 2 first winter ascents: on Makalu in 2009 (with Simone Moro) and Gasherbrum II in 2011 (with Simone Moro and Cory Richards). He led new routs on Broad Peak, Manaslu and Cho Oyu. 

K2 and Nanga Parbat are still waiting for the first winter ascent... Who will be the first? Poles or someone else, maybe Danis Urubko?

Happy birthday! I'll keep my fingers crossed fot your further successes in the mountains and take care of you while climbing!

with Denis Urubko

Marco with Danis Urubko

Thursday, July 25, 2013

VALHALLA - the new ski & snowboard film of Sweetgrass Productions

After four famous ski & snowboard movies of Sweetgrass Productions: Solitaire, Signatures, Hand Cut, Shorts we've got awaited a new production "VALHALLA".

At the moment the teaser is available (see below). The full movie we can watch in fall 2013. 
All Nick Waggoner's productions show quite differente attitude than most ski & snowboard movies - not only perfect powder skiing, drops and tricks but skiing as a philosophy of life as well.

Can't wait for the full feature! 

Producers description of their new work:

"The weightlessness of youth: every breath radiates opportunity and hope; every sense thrives on the wealth of the present; every thing whispers of brilliance and awe. When you’ve seen the season’s first great snow through the eyes of a child—you’ve known true happiness. But what happened to that simple joy? Where do we find the freedom that time and wisdom stole away?
Valhalla, Sweetgrass Productions’ fourth feature film, is the tale of one man's search to rediscover the freedom of his youth. Feeling the distant heat of it's fire still burning in the mountains of the frozen north, he goes in search of those tending the flame—the untamed, the wild, and the outcast dwelling on the fringe.
Weaving narrative-driven style with award-winning, face-melting backcountry ski and snowboard cinematography; Valhalla is a vivid explosion of color, character, snow, and nostalgic soul."
Presented by Patagonia
Supported by Patagonia, Dynafit, Clif Bar, Outdoor Research,, Blizzard/Tecnica, Osprey, Venture Snowboards, Flylow, Gentemstick, Kootenay Mountain Culture Magazine, and Whitewater Ski Resort.
Locations: Interior British Columbia, Rogers Pass, BC, Revelstoke, BC, Valhalla Range, BC, Haines, AK, Glacier Bay, AK, Juneau, AK, Eaglecrest, AK, Sentry Lodge, BC, Meadow Lodge, BC, Terrace, BC
Athletes: Eric Hjorleifson - Cody Barnhill - Carston Oliver - Zack Giffin
Johan Olofsson - Adraon Buck - Ryland Bell - Josh Dirksen - Aidan Sheahan
Molly Baker - Forrest Shearer - Taro Tamai - Stephan Drake - Eliel Hindert
Will Cardamone - Jaime Laidlaw - Trevor Hunt - Donny Roth - Jesse Hoffman
Austin Ross - Nick McNutt - Paul Kimbrough - Alex Paul - Thayne Rich - Kazushi Yamauchi

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Farewell mass for Artur Hajzer

Today the farewell mass to commemorate Artur Hajzer was held in the Cathedral of Katowice in Poland. 
Artur was buried in crevasse at the bottom of Gasherbrum I, where he died after the fatal fall in the Japanese couloir on July 7th.
Sympathy for his family esp. mother, wife and sons. 

Elephant (Artur's nick name) see you somewhere in the mountains!

overtraining syndrom

It has been 3 weeks since I twisted my ankle during tennis play. It' s hard time cause I can't do any activities despite the sunny summer. I tried to climb last weekend, but after one route I had to give up. The pain and a little swelling are still present. 
I suppose my contusion could be caused due to overtraining. 
So if we are active daily we can't forget about regeneration and rest. 
I used to play tennis almoust every day a week, and climb in weekends. And even though I was in good form, my muscles, joints, tendons and bones sometimes need some rest. 

There are some basic signs that indicate you may be overtrained:
1. You fell fatigue, exhausted, sluggish during the day.
2. You have problem with sleeping and feel restless and excitable.
3. Your joints, bones, muscles hurt.
4. You’re suddenly falling ill a lot more often.
5. After a normal training you feel like after a big workout and you need more time to rally.
6. Loss in apetite.
7. Headache.

8. Elevated morning pulse.
9. Sudden inability to complete workout.

No one knows you better than you do. So observe yourself everyday to catch any indicators that your body had more than it has handle to avoid contusions. 
And don't forget about stretching yourself after every kind of activity.
I'll write more about how to stretch and why it's so important the next time. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

in memoriam of Artur Hajzer

First winter ascent with Jerzy Kukuczka

Polish Gasherbrum Winter Expedition 2011/12 english subtitles

Artur Hajzer came back on Gasherbrum forever...

Artur Hajzer is dead. Another sad news from Himalayas.

On July 10th we received the confirmation about the death of one of the leading Polish climber Artur Hajzer in Karakorum during descent from Gasherbrum I.
Artur Hajzer was born in 1962. He started the mountain exploration  in 1976, climbing in Tatra Mountains and in the Alps. He is best known for the first winter ascent of Annapurna with Jerzy Kukuczka in 1987. He was climbing with Jerzy Kukuczka, Krzysztof Wielicki, Wanda Rutkiewicz, Jerzy Szymczak. He had seven main 8000er summits to his name, some via new routes.
He was founder of Polish Winter Himalaism program (2010 - 2015). Within the program, he was a leader of the expedition on Gasherbrum I in 2012, when Adam Bielecki and Janusz Gołąb made the first winter ascent on this mountain.
Artur Hajzer died on Sunday after fatal fall in Japanese Couluoir while climbing with his partner Marcin Kaczkan. They planned to make the travers between two Gasherbrums I and II.
It's the hard time for Polish himalaism. After the death of Maciej Berbeka and Tomasz Kowalski on the Broad Peak in March, we lost another talented climber and good friend.

I had opportunity, pleasure and honor to know Artur personally. After an accident of broking ankle on Broad Peak in 2005, he came for physiotherapy treatment to me. 
I had many occasions to take part in his presentations. We used to meet sometimes in indoor climbing gym in Katowice, where he taught climbing his younger son. 

Climb In Peace Artur. We will miss you! 

In memoriam


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Goodbye Tito Traversa

Tito Traversa - 12 years old Italian climber died 3 days ago as a result of a terrible accident at Orpierre in France. He was one of climbing's youngest prodigies.
He climbed his first 5.14 at the age of 10 and his fourth 5.14a just 2 days before fatal fall.
In the day of the accident he was climbing with the local climbing team with 10 other kids and three adults. 
The quickdraws used to equip the route were slung incorrectly, which resulted in total failure and a groundfall. Despite the fact the four correctly strung quickdraws were on the route, these quickdraws were unfortunately placed too low to save Traversa. Traversa was airlifted to Grenoble, after the accident where he was hospitalized. He died after fighting for his life for three days. 

Take care when you use quickdraws and check them twice before climbing.
See the instruction film below. Streaky  Desroy shows us how a rubber band on an open sling can be dangerous:

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Polish offensive in Wimbledon

Yesterday it was the important day for the Polish tennis. Since Fibak's time, when in 1980 he reached the quartel-final of Wimbledon, any male player haven't reapeted his succes for 33 years.
The first time in history we had absolutely Polish quartel-final match; JJ (Jerzy Janowicz - 21 years old tennis player) defeated his friend Lukasz Kubot (10 years older) in 3 sets. For both of them it is the life success. 
JJ will play with Andy Murray in tomorrow semi-final.
Except for them, our female player - Agnieszka Radwanska, today plays in semi-final with Sabina Lisicki - German player with Polish roots. 
For Agnieszka it's the second semi-final in Wimbledon. Last year she defeated other "almost" Polish player Angelique Kerber -  German professionalist also with Polish roots.
The first time in history we have 2 Polish semifinalists. 

I'm really proud of Polish tennis.

Some higlights from yesterday Polish match below:

Friday, June 28, 2013

Janowicz fighter

The best Polish tennis player Jerzy Janowicz defeats Nicolas Almagro in 3 sets and comes to IV round of Wimbledon the first time in his career. Standing ovation for him on the Centre Court, where he was playing the first time.
After the match he said: Maybe it's my best result in a Grand Slam - first time in fourth round, first time on Centre Court.
Bravo JJ! 
More about JJ below:

Polish climber's appeal concerning present situation in Pakistan

After the last incident on Nanga Parbat,  Bogusław Margel - a member of Polish Alpine Club expedition worn all climbers of danger on this mountain. In his opinion exploring of Pakistan now is more dangerous than "russian roulette game". 
Talibans plan more attacs on tourists, all the more Pakistani government sympathise with them. Tourists can't feel safe because any local agency isn't able to protect their clients due to technical limitations. 
Krzysztof Wielicki decided to cancel the winter expedition on Nanga Parbat, but the team of two freelance Polish climbers - Tomasz Mackiewicz i Marek Klonowski aren't going to change their plans. 
They will try to do the first historical winter ascent. It'll be the third trial of this team. 

more info about appeal at:

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Controversy about the death on Broad Peak

The new controversial article about death of Polish climbers Maciek Berbeka and Tomasz Kowalski occured yesterday at Polish website.
Leszek Szymanowski - a freelance journalist in the portal Nowy Ekran Ultima Thule presented his own vision about the tragedy on Broad Peak, quite different from the others' opinions.

He pointed 10 reasons why this tragedy took place:
1. The highest - 4th camp was too low.
2. The summit attack should be stopped after summiting by the first person of the team - Adam Bielecki cause it was too late.
3. Adam Bielecki is accused of leaving Tomek Kowalski on the mountain, meanwhile everyone, included Maciek, descented alone (on the basis of registered calls).
4. Adam didn't wait for Tomek and Maciek because he summited about 1 hour before them. Waiting for such a long time in the death zone after being there over 12 hours could cause the bigger tragedy. Adam was exhausted and wanted to descent from the ridge in the daylight and reach the camp as quickly as possible to prepare tea and food for his teammates
5. A weather window was predicted for the maximum 2 days, that's why all decided to summit in the whole team of 4 and not in 2 teams of 2 that has been planned before. They should have given the summit attack after that the first of the team reached the top. Staying on the top in the evening raised the risk to the maximum.
6. They had only one spot localizer for the whole team that was lost by Tomek before the summit attack. It could help in finding Tomek and Maciek by 2 Sherpas who took the rescue action.
7. These 2 Sherpas should have waited in the 4th camp in case of emergencies to take the rescue action faster.
8. Some famous Polish himalaists accuse Adam of being responsible for the tragedy. In author's opinion in such high mountains, in such conditions everyone is responsible for himself and the leader of expedition should have made the team to return.
9. The present Polish expedition on the Broad Peak is going to find not only dead himalaists but also some hard evidence what happend in March on this mountain (on the basis of record on Tom's GoPro).
10. Both Maciek and Tomek had strong and private motivations to reach the summit. Maciek wanted to improve he was able to do so after 25 years and for Tomek it was the first summit above 8 000 m. He intended to propose to her girlfriend on the top. 

And what's your thinking on it....? 

The Polish link to this article:,broad-peak-wyjasnienie-tragedii-berbeka-mogl-uratowac-macka-i-tomka


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pretty faces

After publishing such sad and bad news I should post something optimistic for the rest of the day.

Below, the trailer of the only totally female ski movie, presenting the best female riders from aroud the world.

Terrorist attack at Nanga Parbat

Today we know more details about Saturday attack in Nanga Parbat base camp. 
7 Polish climbers were in the mountains this time that protect them against terrorists. Some climbers and guides were able to run away from the base camp during the attack but some that weren't  unfortunately were klilled by Pakistani Taliban. 

People! what's wrong with you? How dare you deliver justice by your own killing innocent people?
These people: climbers, tourists give you work, money and food for your wifes and children. They felt protected being in high mountains close to nature. They even didn't imagine they could die from terrorist's hand. Who gave you right to kill others?
I'm so disgusted by the modern world. Instead of enjoying every day we wonder why that is...

R.I.P. climbers!

More infos at:

in Polish:,111379,14158265,Szczegoly_masakry_pod_Nanga_Parbat.html

in Italian:

Monday, June 24, 2013

Bad news from Nanga Parbat base camp

During the Saturday's night a terrorist attack took place at Nanga Parbat base camp in Pakistan. 

Armed men from an extremist Taleban military group attacked the base camp at 1 a.m. and killed 11 climbers: 1 from Lithuania (member of International Nanga Parbat Expedition 2013 leaded by Polish climber Ola Dzik), 2 from Slovakia, 3 from Ukraine, 3 from China, 1 from Nepal and 1 Pakistani.
Poles are safe .

About 50 climbers belonging to different expedition are currently at Nanga Parbat but they are protected by Pakistani police.

Ukrainian from International Nanga Parbat Expedition 2013 were evacuated on Sunday and the rest of members are waiting for evacuation today. 

It was the first terrorist attack in this Baltisan region, considered as safe and relatively stable so far.

Pakistan is beautiful but more and more dangerous...

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

sad news from Everest

Alex Bolotov Russian climber died this morning in Khumbu icefall at 5600 m (18,372 feet).

Alexey and his team mate Danis Urubko were to attempt their final attak on the Southwest Face of Everest via a new route in pure alpine style.

After leaving a Base Camp early in the morning he probably fell down during descent when his rope broke on the edge of a rock. Alexey fell 300 m and he died instantaneous in case of serious injuries. 

R.I.P. Alexey

Backwards Magazine Photo Contest

Today I'd like to ask you to vote on my photo. Please "Like it" on Facebook. 
You know this photo cause I added it on my blog last month. To remind...

I' d like to prove to all male riders that girls are also good at backcountry skiing. 

Link below:

Thank you for your vote


Monday, May 13, 2013

Friend's edit from Beskidy mountains

April in Poland brought a heavy snowfall and as a result some good pics and edits made by my freeride friends. 

Below I'd like to show one of my favourite edit by Sandro. 
Majorly thanks to him I decided to develop my freeride skills. Thanks Sandro :)

21 anniversary of death of Polish female climber

21 years ago 05.13.1992 Wanda Rutkiewicz - the Polish mountain climber, first woman who summited K2, died while climbing Kangchenjunga.

She participated in the first ascent of Gasherbrum III (7952m) in 1975. It was the highest first ascent by women. On October 16th, 1978, Wanda summited Mount Everest; exactly on the same day, the first Polish Pope in history was elected. This very impressive synchronicity was noticed by John Paul II, who was a passionate climber himself. He asked the next Polish expedition to Everest to leave a blessed rosary on top of Everest. So during the first winter ascent of Everest on February 17th, 1980 Krzysztof Wielicki and Leszek Cichy placed this rosary on the top. 
Wanda Rutkiewicz also ascended Nanga Parbat in 1985, K2 in 1986, Shisha Pangma in 1987, Gasherbrum II in 1989, Gasherbrum I in 1990 and Cho Oyu and Annapurna I in 1991. 

She died on Kangchenjunga, aged 49.

Here you can find a movie trailer about Polish women in high mountains.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Polish riders in action

Today I'd like to share a new edit of my Polish freeride friends. 
Respect guys and we're waiting for more

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

summer activities

In Poland - temperature above 25°C, snow has already melted, only some ravines in Tatras don't let us forget about skiing and winter conditions.

It' s high time to think about trekking, climbing and some other summer activities which let us keep in good form before the next season.

Today I'd like to list some activities I get used to do after and before winter season:
- tennis - my favourite; lets us keep in good condition, develops endurance, speed and strengh
- climbing - good for developing muscle strengh, balance and reducing acrophobia that is very helpful for winter explaration on skis
- windsurfing - to develop balance and strengh (esp. arms)
- trekking - to show how to move in mountain conditions and use some equipments helpful in winter i.e. rope, harness, cramps, ice-axe esp. if we do some trekking on glaciers; there is no better preparation to ski-touring
- rollerblading - in my opinion the most similar sport to skiing and if you do some ski slalom, you can also do the same on rolller skates.
- running - I couldn't come around to running so far. I'm really not able to enjoy running despite the fact it's the easiest, most available and cheepest way to be in good form.
That's why I made up my mind to try again and go on at least for 3 weeks. They say after minimum 2 weeks of regular running it'll bring a joy and satisfaction. 
We'll see....

Sunday, May 5, 2013

long time ago

Hello again

One month ago I had the best day of the season. Real Polish Japan.
Today everything is green and I replaced my skis with tennis racket.

But...Let's come back to the 1st of April. This year we had the most snowy Easter in my entire life. 
Deep, fresh pow made me feel high. Fortunately I managed to enjoy myself before all freeriders of Silesian region came to Szczyrk. I had impression this day there were more freeriders than usual skiers. 

Below, some shots of this fantastic day:

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hot spots in Szczyrk cont.

The next spots worth visiting in Szczyrk are as follows:

4. Zjazd z Wierchu Pośredniego do Malinowa.

Rozpoczynamy od wjazdu "Golgotą" (wyciąg nr VII), następnie przesiadamy się na wyciąg nr VI (tzw. relax). Ze szczytu tj. Wierchu Pośredniego ruszamy w prawo, patrząc w dół trasy. Tu możliwości mamy wiele. Zjazd od razu w dół szeroką polana, która kończy się drogą leśną; Zjazd kontynuujemy drogą leśną, która dowozi nas w okolicę Malinowej Chaty, a stąd już krótki zjazd drogą pod Solisko. 

Możemy również nie wjeżdżać od razu na polanę od góry, tylko jechać wzdłuż trasy w lesie, gdzie czeka nas parę fajnych naturalnych skoczni. Dopiero, gdy zaczną się świerki, skręcamy w prawo i zjeżdżamy w dół. Czeka nas przyjemny zjazd w niezbyt gęstym lesie bukowym, aż na sam dół. Możemy również w lesie przetrawersować w lewo, dojeżdżając do polany pana Jana, gdzie czeka nas krótki, ale bezleśny zjazd do drogi w Malinowie.
Możliwości jest tu sporo i po opadzie, przynajmniej kilka godzin wytyczamy nowe linie.
Miejscówka ta przeżywa prawdziwy nalot riderów, co miało miejsce 01.04.2013 po największym w tym roku opadzie. Wtedy panuje zasada: kto pierwszy, ten lepszy i naprawdę warto ruszyć na wyciąg jak najwcześniej.

i parę fotek z tego miejsca:

 Martyna w lesie bukowym



polana pana Jana

Friday, March 29, 2013

Freeride spots in Szczyrk

As I promised in the last post I'm going to describe and show you some interesting spots in Szczyrk.
The spot decription will be in polish due to small popularity of Beskidy mountains among foreign skiers.

1. Duże Skrzyczne:

Ze szczytu Dużego Skrzycznego kierujemy się w lewo, patrząc na schronisko. U góry czeka na nas polana, która niestety zarasta młodnikiem, więc trzeba się spieszyć. Jest to najprzyjemniejsza część zjazdu. Potem jedziemy w lesie, ale na tyle rzadkim, że jazda nadal sprawia frajdę. Kierujemy się w lewo, żeby trafić w dolinkę, która doprowadzi nas do Słotwiny; inaczej czeka nas podchodzenie. Ze Słotwiny zamówionym busem (40 - 50 zł za kurs) lub autem (jeśli mamy kogoś, kto po nas przyjedzie) wracamy pod Skrzyczne i możemy powtórzyć zjazd. 
Ze szczytu Skrzycznego możemy również wybrać podobny wariant zjazdu. Ruszamy tą samą stroną, ale kierujemy się bardziej w prawo do Lipowej; powrót pod Skrzyczne będzie dłuższy o ok. 6 km. 

2. Małe Skrzyczne - zjazd do Malinowa

To ostatnio ulubiona miejscówka wszystkich riderów. Jeszcze 2 lata temu tylko nieliczni o niej wiedzieli, ponieważ ze szczytu musimy kilkaset metrów przejść granią w stronę Malinowskich Skał. 
Stamtąd czeka nas miły zjazd szeroką polaną. Poniżej polany wjeżdżamy na drogę leśną i nią możemy zjechać na sam dół do Malinowa lub przecinamy nią i zjeżdżamy kawałek przez las i do drogi leśnej, tyle że niżej. 
Wybierając opcję pierwszą tj. drogą leśną, a nie lasem, dojeżdżamy do placu, gdzie składowane jest ścięte drzewo. Tu droga się rozwidla. My kierujemy się ostro w prawo, nie przejeżdżając przez polankę. Potem już cały czas za drogą, która doprowadzi nas na sam dół, w okolice domów w Malinowie. Droga jest dość płaska, więc czeka nas odpychanie kijami lub spacerek z buta z deską snowboardową pod pachą.

i parę zdjęć z tej miejscówki:

Łukasz i Marco



Dziękujemy Marcinowi za robienie zdjęć :)


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Birthday weekend

If only all spring weekends gave us so much snow and sun as the last did... 

Saturday woke me up with severe frost and strong sun.... Unfortunately this day I was about to spend on tiding, shopping and other before Easter duties. I was afraid if any lines last unmarked for the next day cause I was sure no one quit such a powder day with 40 cm of fresh snow. 
All day I was thinking about good place for riding on Sunday. As I supposed probably all polish riders spent their Saturday on skiing. All the afternoon I was receiving info one after the other about perfect conditions in all regions together with sadness  due to passing through all accessible areas. 
That's why Facebook sometimes drives me mad! In Tatras nothing lasted, in Korbielow nothing lasted...
Fortunately my new friend  from Friday - telemark skier Jack gave me some directions to unown lines in Szczyrk. I was hopefull that I'll find smth new and fresh. As it turned out it was te best birthday gift I received ...maybe except for a little snowflake charm from Mark :) 
Despite a real frost I spent amazing birthday marking new lines in deep pow. Evening party was only the icing on the birthday cake. 

In next post I'd like to describe the most popular freeride spots in Szczyrk.

Powderly, Snow Flake

Friday, March 22, 2013

Hello Ms. Winter again

Yesterday I promised you I'll write more about my blog.
But...unfortunately or rather fortunately for me and other riders, I had to change my plan. 
Yesterday Ms. Winter sprang a surprise on spring (it sounds funny: spring a surprise on spring) and She came. It was snowing the whole day and night  in polish mountains, the temperature dropped below 0 and I couldn't do nothing different than skiing. 
I woke up early morning and after an hour of driving I was ready to ski. I chose Sczyrk for today exploration, just beacause it's nearest. 
During the first hour I didn't need to look for fresh lines behind the prepared slopes because some of them weren't preperared indeed. It was a blessing to me that today I was alone. I did't use to ski in forests alone... 
If you are going to ski in forest areas, never do this alone even if you are an experienced and good skier equipped in helmet and goggles!
But today I broke this rule the first and last time. I was so stupefied by fresh powder, I decided to mark some new lines in my favourite beech forest (see below).

I cracked my leg on a small spruce and my shank is red, gray, swollen and aching. I had a luck I didn't broke my leg. And what if I crack my head on a tree and lose consciousness...It was stupid and irresponsible!
Luckily it's happy ending story and good lesson for the next time.
Afterwards I met 3 riders: a telemark skier, a fat skis skier and a snowboarder who joined me for the rest of my skiing day. Probably because I knew some secret passages ;) They were surprised doubly: seeing female rider, alone in the forest. They took some nice shots.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's high time to start blogging.

Hello everyone for the first time in the first spring's day!

I'm so happy I found time and mobilisation to start making my dreams come true eventually.

One year ago I decided to set up my first blog "Snow Religion" about active women, mainly who prefer freeride skiing...and I did it. But it was the only matter I did at this time. The whole year was passing by and now I'm back...and I'm going to stay here longer.

First, just a little bit about me.
I'm Martina and I'm addicted to snow. After years of observing some symptoms I can say it's addiction, but not bad habit...I hope.

I started my adventure with skiing as a small kid. I was 3 or maybe 4 when my mum and grandpa took me to Szczyrk in Beskidy mountains to show me what the skiing is and how to use all that heavy and uncomfortable equipments.
In my opinion they did it their best, cause I don't have any bad impressions from that time. Since then I'v been spending my winter weekends and holidays on skiing.
It's already 30 years! Time is passing too fast...
For all those years I'v been trying to use this time the best I can. 
During my secondary school I finished the proffesional courses for the ski instructor's assistant. I could't wait till I reach a magical age of 18 to have a possibility to become an outright ski instructor. It gave me an opportunity to use skiing at my work. 
I worked as a ski instructor for many years but I wanted more and more...
That's why I started backcountry skiing 3 years ago and since then it's become my life passion. 
Below, there is my first freeride photo from Tatras in Poland.

Next time I'll tell you more what is my blog about.