Wednesday, October 1, 2014

2 professional extreme skiers and 1 snowboarder killed in avalanche

It's very hard to believe! sadness, sorrow...What a loss for freeride society! 

Yesterday, 2  backcountry and extreme pro skiers:  Jean-Phillipe Auclair (JP Auclair) from Canada and Andreas Fransson from Sweden were killed by avalanche while climbing on the north side of Monte San Lorenzo in Chile, located on the border between Argentina and Chile in Patagonia.
They were climbing with photographers Bjarne Salen and Daniel Ronnbak, both from Sweden, who fortunately are unharmed. The group of four had arrived in Chile's Aysen region on Thursday to film a new project called Apogee Skiing.
An emergency call via satellite phone was placed on Monday afternoon notifying authorities of the avalanche and the missing skiers. JP and Andreas were swept away 700 meteres by an avalanche. 
The region the group was climbing in is very remote and mountainous. It is located 18 hours from the nearest city, and a two hour flight just to the base of the trail. A rescue operation takes up to 13 hours to reach the area of the avalanche.
Both skiers were experienced in extreme skiiing.

Yestarday was a fatal day not only for both skiers. We obtained inormation from Argentina about death of American professional climber, AMGA-certified mountain guide, snowboarder and splitboarder - Liz Daley. Daley, 29, was part of a group descending Cerro Vespignani, a 7,000-foot peak near the iconic Mount Fitzroy. She was killed in avalanche near the Argentine town of Chalten. The rest of the trip, included skier Drew Tabke, snowboarder Chris Coulter, skier and guide Kent McBride, photographer Chris Figenshau and filmer Nick Kalisz are safe.

RIP - Ride in Peace somewhere in Heaven my friends. We will miss you and your positive energy!

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