Thursday, September 18, 2014

Disabled or able?

Due to my proffesion (I'm physiotherapist), I'm especially interested in sport achievements of disabled. But since I remember I've been fed up with using the world "disabled" while thinking about sportsmen. How can we call someone "disabled", who despite different disfunctions, is able to live, to do and to achieve even more than ordinary healthy man? 
10 years ago I wrote my master’s thesis about role of skiing in physiotherapy, proffesional sport and recreation of disabled. Gathering the dates and materials, I didn't come across anything about backcountry skiing on one ski. I saw skiers on one leg on the slopes and disabled riders skiing off - piste on a monoski, but not on one ski. 
Nowadays everything changes. Increasing popularity of backcountry skiing, better equipment, detailed weather forecast make it possible for everyone to try it. 
An athlete Vasu Sojitra who lost his right leg to a blood infection at 9 months old, proves there is no place for human weaknesses in his life.
Vasu is a person who inspires others to push personal limits, to believe in themselves and in their own unique abilities!
During the 2013/14 winter, Tyler Wilkinson-Ray, from T-Bar Films, and Vasu Sojitra were filming and producing an adaptive backcountry film "Out on a limb". They have just released a trailer. Vasu is hiking to the summit peaks, dropping cliffs, skiing deep powder lines in the Vermont and the Chic Choc mountains of Northern Quebec like a healthy, skilled rider. 
The full short film (7 minute run-time) will be released in November after film festival premiers. It will be available for free thanks to Columbia Sportswear, with additional support from Gear-X, Alchemist, and the project's Kickstarter Backers.

More about Vasu Sojitra we can follow on his page:
And now, it's high time to watch a trailer: 

Better quality trailer at:

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