Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Attack Time - Manaslu & Cho Oyu Ski Challenge

Polish ski expedition has just started an attack to the summit Manaslu. Below the video, released few minutes before start.
The latest news: Andrzej Bargiel achieved the camp 3 after 4 hours and 30 min of climbing from the base camp. 
Now he is just 2 hours to the summit. Good luck guys! Take care!

"The aim of expedition is to beat the record time for the ascent of the two peaks and ski down from the top of them both. What’s important, the descents have to be complete. This means I must ski from the peak to the feet of both mountains without taking off the skis. In case of the more difficult one, Manaslu, this would be the first descent on skis in the history".

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